Kupuna Achievers: Gary Hernando

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Life can be filled with ups and downs, but that doesn't stop Uncle Gary Hernando. Before his stroke, he was a carpenter for 30 years.

"I lost about 70 percent of my hearing."

Even with these obstacles, Uncle Gary learned to overcome some of his set backs. And with the help from "Abilities Unlimited" he was ready for anything.

"I started to look beyond this..."

"I just wanted to look ahead..."

"They help all kind of people... people with challenges... people with disabilities ...."

Uncle Gary's courage helped him reach his goals and he wanted that for others.

"I felt .. I had to give back.. I have to do something ... because I can ... I know I can..."

He teaches others skills from job interviewing to training and beyond.

"Get more confident ... get more independent ... and do things you know... they didn't have confidence to do ..." <> and when I see that... makes me come back to do more and work every day"

He reminds his students that life can go on and it is certainly worth it.

"You know there is going to be good days and bad days ... if the bad days come ... ok it is a bad day ... but always feel blessed that you have a day and another day."

And when you look forward... you are rewarded.

"the body will adapt ... you at least got to give it a chance... the brain and your body has to work together.... and don't dwell on the past..."
"Giving back is an opportunity ... a real blessing ..." 
"I want to do it as long as I can ..."

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