Couple in their 60s killed in fast-moving house fire in Pacific Palisades

PEARL CITY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A couple in their 60s was killed early Friday in a fast-moving blaze that engulfed a Pacific Palisades home in minutes.

Family identified the two as 68-year-old Gordon Kamihara and his wife, 66-year-old Cheryl.

Some two dozen firefighters responded to the three-alarm blaze on Amoomoo Street just before 2:40 a.m.

In addition to the two fatalities, one woman was also taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, paramedics said.

All three people were at home when the fire started, and authorities said the cause of the blaze remains under investigation.

Authorities estimated damage to the structure and its contents at $417,000.

Neighbor Julian Tominaga said she woke up when she heard what sounded like fireworks.

"But then I hear my neighbors screaming, 'fire, fire, fire,' and that's when I got worried," she said.

Joey Samante, who lives next door to the home that went up in flames, said he woke up to the fire raging outside his bedroom window.

"You couldn't see the house, just pure flames," Samante said. "It was pretty scary."

He said he woke his family up frantically, then watched in horror as the flames continued to rip through his neighbor's home.

"As soon as we were watching, i was thinking about my neighbors because I didn't see any of them come out and I was praying, 'God, please protect them. Please watch over them. Please be safe," he said.

"Things started to explode in the fire and the power lines started to melt down so it started swinging back and forth, hitting the house and car."

She described his neighbors as "really nice people."

His family would help them with their yard, and they'd bring over food from time to time.

He offered his condolences to their daughter. "I can't imagine what she's going through right now," he said.

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