Resurfacing project coming to East Oahu

( Image: Hawaii News Now )
( Image: Hawaii News Now )

KULIOUOU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -
The State Department of Transportation plans to begin a four-month road resurfacing project in June on a two-mile stretch of Kalanianaole Highway, from the foot of the H1 Freeway to West Hind Drive.

It should start in June and run through September.

"Anytime we come into an area we try to do as much as much as possible," HDOT Highways Deputy Director Ed Sniffer said.

The highway will be resurfaced and re striped, new signs will replace old ones, and repairs will be made to the guardrail, lighting and drainage areas.

Work will be done at night. To reduce noise for residents who live along the highway, louder work will be scheduled for earlier evening hours.

"We'll try to go with single-lane closures as much as possible. But anytime we go to mass resurfacing it's always easier for the contractor to take more than one lane," Sniffen said.

Some people who live on the East side are weary of road repairs..

"They gotta repair the roads, I wish they'd do it right the first time," Dan Gardner said.

Others look forward to a smoother ride.

"If it's better and if they don't disrupt peak times," Jason Lum said.

The $6 million project also calls for changes to three crosswalks.

"Near the Waa Street side we're looking to keep that crosswalk there and protect it with a signal," Sniffen said. "We're also looking at two mid-block crosswalks that are unprotected and we're looking at removing those."

For safety reasons bus stops near those two crosswalks will also be removed. Sniffen said counts of bus riders at those stops were very low.

There is community concern over where the contractor will store heavy equipment when it's not being used. Residents don't want the machinery in residential areas.

"We'd love to use an area fronting Kalanianaole Highway near Kalani High School and near the Board of Water Supply area," Sniffen said.

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