Forecast: Kauai and Oahu could get heavy rain and thunderstorms

Forecast: Kauai and Oahu could get heavy rain and thunderstorms

The first in a series of cold fronts expected in the next week has crossed Kauai and is firing off a line of thunderstorms in the channel. It's heading toward Oahu, but is slowing its pace and will eventually stall out over the west end of the state.

Several other fronts are expected to approach and act similarly through the weekend. That will keep the winds southerly, the air humid. and skies mostly cloudy.

Volcanic haze could increase each day we have the southerly flow.

A final and significantly stronger cold front will make it through the island chain late Sunday through Tuesday. Once it clears, we will experience drier, clearer, cooler conditions with northerly winds filling in behind the front.

High today in Honolulu will be a sticky 80 degrees.

Surf is down after yesterday's advisory out in the country. A new and larger swell will roll in tonight and could approach warning levels Thursday. Then an even bigger northwest is expected late Friday peaking Saturday at warning levels.

Today's waves will be 5-8 feet north, 5-7 feet east, 2-4 feet west, 0-2 feet south.

High Wind Warning for Big Island summits. Southwest winds will be 45-65 mph with gusts greater than 75 mph.

Small Craft Advisory for waters around the thunderstorms near Oahu and Kauai.

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