This kid is going to change the world for the better (in fact, she's already started)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sarah Gonsalves kept her Christmas wish list short, but thoughtful.

"She says, 'Mom what should I wish for?' and I said you always wish for something for someone else then you wish for something for you," said Cindy Villalobos, Sarah's mom.

And that's just what Sarah did.

"I wished for peace on earth, everybody have enough food to eat and a gift card from 7-11," she said.

She asked the big guy for those gifts in a 7-11 contest called "Letters to Santa."

And she won.

That was especially meaningful for Sarah because her family knows what it's like to not have enough food.

"I lost my job, things were rough and we had to make a decision on to pay the bills or get food so we decided to pay the bills and went to the food bank and we got lot of food," said Sarah's dad, Glenn Gonsalves.

"Every week, we would go up and they would help us out. Give us a substantial amount of food so we wouldn't starve."

Sarah's letter spurred 7-11 to make a donation to the Hawaii Foodbank, which kicked off its annual food drive Thursday.

Sarah was there as a special guest.

And ever seeing that her request made a difference, she's inspired to do more to help families who can't make ends meet.

"I had a tour of the food bank, and what they do is really inspiring and really good for people," she said. "Because there are a lot of homeless around the island, and they don't know when is their next meal, how they're going to eat. And if they have kids it's really sad."

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