Sunrise Shape Up: Squats

Today in Sunrise Shape Up we're focusing on a very popular exercise...squats. But we're giving you different variations. We have Bryan and Phil here from UNYQE Fitness Honolulu. How beneficial can the squats be?
Very beneficial. There's a few things you wanna look at: stability, core and balance. Those are really important things. Couple other things are aesthetic and proportion. A lot of people miss leg days. You gotta mix leg day. You wanna keep that aesthetic, keep that look. Keep that balance.
And we want to make sure you get proper form. And there are different variations as we mentioned. Bryan here is gonna show us something different that not everybody has seen.
Yeah so we have 4 exercises today. This is the TRX cable. So this one gives you some support and stability, something different you can do. So what we're gonna do here, you can either scale it. You can do it with holding on with both legs, giving yourself support with your arms. So you can work through the squat here. Or you can do the single-leg so you're challenging your balance a little bit. Still use your arms to pull through. 
That's pretty good.
Yeah, pretty popular piece of equipment in the gym. That's the 3rd take we did for that one.
This is Tinsel. She's gonna be working through what's known as a goblet squat with the weight in front. So this is going to be challenging her core while she's using her legs to move the weight there. 
This you could do at home, right?
Exactly, so you can use any piece of resistance training for this particular exercise and the goblet squat down in front, this is gonna offload more onto your glutes and your legs. So if you're not quite ready to take the weight up in front, you can just keep it down in front here. You're still working through your legs. And as I said you can use anything for your weights for that.
And the last one is the more traditional squat which you want to use the squat rack. And we have Phil here demonstrating. This one you really want to take your time with and make sure you have proper form. And the biggest thing for this is making sure you have parallel lines between your back and shins. And that's just to make sure the weight is evenly distributed in your body and that you're not at risk of injury.
I'm always reluctant to do the squat, the traditional one because of my knees. That I would imagine would be a very common concern, right?
Yes, and it is a common concern. That does not mean you should stay clear of it. It's a very good exercise for building your core and strengthening your legs. If you are unsure, always get to speak to an exercise professional. Otherwise just listen to your body and make sure if it feels like it's pain that isn't in the muscle and it's in the joints, maybe stay clear of it and try one of these other exercises we demonstrated today. 
And if you are gonna try it, go light and go slow at first.
Right, it's a long year and if you just started your new year's resolutions we still have another 11 months ahead.
If you're still doing the new year's resolution. 
If you want to see this video, go to after the show.

Here's a more in-depth description of the exercises:


Standard TRX squat: Holding TRX in front of body with feet shoulder-width apart, arms raised forward – squat, raise arms upwards, palms together and sit bum back and down, while slightly leaning backward. keep your back straight while drawing in your abs. When you drop down to a level that is still comfortable for you, push through your heels engaging your butt muscles and return to your start position. repeat the motion 10 times to build strength and challenge your balance.

TRX single leg squats: This exercise proves to be a great way to improve single leg balance and strength, something very important for all ages. It's particularly important for improving stability and injury prevention for those involved in activities that include running and jumping. It also helps to keep balanced strength on both left and right side of the body. Start by raising one leg in front of your body and extend the raised leg as far as possible. Squat down through the planted foot, raise arms upwards, palms together and sit bum back and down, while slightly leaning backward. keep your back straight while drawing in your abs. When you drop down to a level that is still comfortable for you, push through your heel engaging your butt muscles and return to your start position. repeat the motion 10 times on both sides to build strength and challenge your balance.


Given the Name for the way in which you hold the weight cupped in hands at chest height, the goblet squat may be the only squat you need to achieve toned legs and bum while enhancing core strength if you have access to use a dumbbell hold it vertically by one end. Hug it tight at chest height. Keep your elbows pointing down and lower your body into a squat with abs drawn in and weight on your heels. Drive your body upward pushing through your heels returning to your start position. Repeat this action 10 times to build strength in legs and core.


This exercise is a great alternative to the goblet squat if you are still building your upper body strength or have an injury that may create challenges when performing the goblet squat. Using dumbbell or another weighted object, hold one end with hands at arm's length in front of your body. Set your feet slightly beyond hip width, with your toes turned out slightly. Lower your body into a squat keeping your back straight, abs drawn in and weight on your heels. Pause at the bottom of the movement, then push yourself back to the starting position. Keep your torso as upright as you can with your natural curve in the spine for the entire movement. Repeat 10 times to build strength in legs, bum, and core.


This exercise is a great all-around strength builder. If you are unsure of how to perform or use a barbell from a squat rack please ask exercise professional for assistance. Step into squat rack and position bar high on the back of shoulders and grasp barbell just outside of shoulder width or where comfortable. Dismount bar from the rack and stand with feet positioned shoulder-width apart. Squat down by bending hips back while allowing knees to bend forward, keeping back straight and parallel to shins. Drive through your heels and engage butt muscles while returning to start position. Repeat 10 times before re-racking bar.

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