Local Connection: Missile Alert Incompetence

Local Connection: Missile Alert Incompetence

The January 13th false alarm and its aftermath not only exposed systemic weaknesses, poor judgement and incompetence in our emergency alert system.

It proved once again that the Ige Administration has no concept of how to communicate with the public.

At a time when the first priority should have been to restore public confidence, we watched a series of communication blunders that only increased confusion and doubt.

Along with the Governor's frequent apologies and explanations, the emergency agency had four different people making public statements. Their messages were often unclear, confusing and contradictory.

One of the worst examples was when they tried to explain the error by showing us what the computer screen used to send the alert looked like. After the public criticized that, they put out another image that looked completely different.

Was that a mistake or a deliberate deception? Does it matter?

The effect is the same. Public trust and confidence, which was already at a low point, is damaged even more.

This continuing failure to communicate doesn't just impact the governor's re-election — as we can see, it makes him almost incapable of governing now.

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