Not everyone in McCully is happy about having a clean and sober home as a neighbor

MCCULLY (HawaiiNewsNow) - A clean and sober home in McCully is raising concerns because it puts former inmates close to an elementary school.

The home is on the corner of McCully and Fern streets — about a block away from Lunalilo Elementary School.

"It's less than 1,000 feet away from our elementary school," said one mother. "There's kids that walk by it all the time."

The mother asked that her identity be concealed because she lives near the home and fears retaliation.

She says clean and sober home doesn't belong so close to a school.

It's three stories and has only men, with live-in managers.

"Since they have to have somebody living there with them, I guess they're not that trustworthy yet," she said.

"I worry about the children in the neighborhood."

Harold Rodney Aldridge is one of two full-time managers at the home and has been sober for 10 years.

He says the non-profit that runs the facility, Makana O Ke Akua, saved his life.

"I think the people in the community are just not educated as far as what substance abuse is all about," he said. "And recovery … we would love to see all of our tenants get back to their families and do it right this time and learn from their mistakes because we all make mistakes."

While the mother says she understands homes like these are needed, she's hoping the organization can find another location.

"I have a son that's in prison and I want people to be able to accept him when he gets out," she said.

"But I would completely understand if the neighborhood he was going in didn't want him there because of an elementary school."

Aldridge said the building is equipped for 49 residents. However, only 16 currently live there.

He said he screens the clients himself and all are very well supervised.

Plus, those that have been in prison are visited by their parole and probation officers frequently.

Most importantly, he says, everyone deserves another chance.

"Who is going to help them? Who is actually going to go over and beyond helping individuals that sincerely want changes in their lives?," he said. "That's what we offer them."

A public meeting about the home is set for Thursday at 1:30 p.m. at the Mission Memorial conference room at 550 South King St.

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