Hawaii-bound flight from Denver diverted -- over toilet troubles

Hawaii-bound flight from Denver diverted -- over toilet troubles

SAN FRANSISCO, California (HawaiiNewsNow) - Imagine being on a direct flight to Hawaii when suddenly, the pilot announces over the PA system that the flight will need to make a stop in California -- all because of toilet problems.

That's what happened to passengers on United Airlines Flight 1219, which was supposed to be a direct flight from Denver, Colo. to Lihue, Kauai.

Fox 31 in Denver reports that five hours into the flight, the pilot announced an unscheduled stop in San Francisco, Calif. because the bathrooms reached full capacity.

The toilets were reportedly not serviced in Denver before takeoff.

Passenger Rich Anderson, who was traveling to the islands to celebrate his wedding anniversary, told Fox 31 that everyone was disgusted.

"The pilots failed," Anderson said. "They didn't do their job. This should not have happened. This was human error. There was no act of God. There was no weather. This was just human error."

Passengers were later loaded onto another plane and flown to Kauai.

United offered 10,000 bonus miles or a $200 travel voucher.

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