Local Connection: Massive Missile Mistake

Saturday's false alarm made it clear that the vast majority of us have no realistic plan for what to do if it was real.

That's because there aren't any realistic choices.

Unless you are lucky enough to live next to an old world war two bunker, you are stuck in a home, workplace, school or on the road. Except for a few large buildings with substantial basements, in the blast zone, none of those places are safe.

Even the basic message to take cover and stay tuned was a joke.

After the alert was sounded the communications system was overwhelmed and state officials couldn't get through to the broadcast companies to tell them what to tell the people.

At Hawaii News Now, we figured out from other agencies that the alarm was a mistake at 8:19 a.m., and immediately sent out the word on our digital platforms.

The Emergency Management Agency was unreachable. The Governor erroneously said all TV stations were contacted by 8:20 – that is just not true.

Hawaii is never going to spend the billions it would take to build a shelter system and communications infrastructure capable of surviving a nuclear explosion. Especially for what is considered a remote possibility.

So, the Ige Administration built a warning system without giving people anyway to respond with anything other than fear and panic.

The governor says they have made changes to prevent false alarms and how to cancel them. It might be better to just suspend this nearly useless attack warning until it justified by an actual threat.

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