Trending - Hoekstra's flip flop, Crawford's new ad and a snow proposal

Here's Howard's trending story of the day. In the shadow of President Trump's vulgar remark about Haiti and El Salvador and Africa, there has been another incident, involving the man Trump made his ambassador to the Netherlands. A few years ago, as a congressman, Peter Hoekstra made a comment about Muslims burning people in the Netherlands, and claimed there were Muslim enclaves so lawless even police wouldn't go there.

Then he denied saying it, not realizing it had been videotaped. In denying it, he called it fake news, then, when the video was shown, denied he said fake news. So when Hoekstra held his first Dutch news conference this week, reporters asked him if he still believed any of his original assertions. Hoekstra, who apologized in a written statement without actually admitting he was wrong, referred Dutch reporters to the online apology and refused to comment, eventually just sitting there silently as Dutch reporters urged him to address the issue.

At the daily State Department briefing, the spokesman said only that Ambassador Hoekstra has addressed the issue twice and referred Washington reporters to his written statement, in which he did not admit getting anything wrong, and to his news conference, in which he only referred people to his written statement.

On a much lighter note, Grace showed the iconic Pepsi commercial featuring supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1992. It shows her in a white tank top and cut-off shorts drinking a soda that, at the time, was featuring a new can design. Two little boys on the side of the street are awe struck by the sight. They say, "is that a great new Pepsi can or what?" The reason she showed the retro commercial, Crawford is coming back for a new campaign this upcoming Super Bowl This time, it will feature her with her 18 year old son Presley Gerber. Also of note, the cut-offs she wore in the ad were made from the jeans she wore to the set that day. Her stylist suggested she wear something of her own, since jeans tend to conform to one's body. And when you look like Crawford, that makes sense.

Dan shared a couple enjoying the snow. Gavin Becker spent 4 1/2 hours removing snow to create a message for his girlfriend. It said "Marry Me" and featured a large heart. The letters were 25 feet high so that they could easily be seen from the sky. Becker then flew over the message with his girlfriend. She said "yes".

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