Astrophysicist behind 'Interstellar' draws big crowd on Big Island

Astrophysicist behind 'Interstellar' draws big crowd on Big Island

KOHALA COAST (HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the leading minds behind the blockbuster film "Interstellar" drew a large crowd to the Keck Observatory Astronomy Talk on Hawaii Island Friday night.

Over 750 people attended Dr. Kip Thorne's presentation at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel to get an inside look at the science behind the 2014 film. Thorne is a world-renowned theoretical astrophysicist and Nobel Prize winner who served as an adviser for "Interstellar."

In his presentation, Thorne explained some of the scientific elements of the film, including wormholes and laws of gravity.

Thorne says he worked with director Christopher Nolan to turn science fact into science fiction as accurately as possible. "At the very beginning, I suggested to Christopher Nolan guidelines that nothing in the movie would violate well-established physical laws or our knowledge of the universe," Thorne said. "If I didn't like what he did with the science, I wouldn't have to defend him in public."

Thorne says that Nolan kept the film very close to scientific fact and only made one substantial departure from the laws of physics.

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