Expert analyzes dreams about Trump, strangers, unfamiliar familiar places

Dr. Paul, our dream expert is here to interpret your dreams. Today, we begin with Cara Lucey. She said, "So I had a dream that I was at Donald Trump's birthday party and everybody was booing him instead of singing happy birthday. I was standing outside on the lanai and he came out there and I gave him a big hug and said happy birthday and thought he was a really nice guy." Dr. Paul believes this shows the empathetic side of Cara. Mr. Trump is a powerful but divisive figure, but perhaps in her mind, no matter what, if it's your birthday, you should be treated well. Dr. Paul also said that you should look at the subject of the dream, because they often represents something in your life. What does Donald Trump mean to her?

Colin Runge asked this, "I have a question about other people and dreams. When I dream, typically, almost all the people in my dreams are people I know or that I can identify. And I've heard in talking to some other people they usually dream about people they do not know. Usually people in their dreams are strangers. So I was wondering what's that about." Dr. Paul said that every person represents an aspect of yourself that you're not fully aware of or not willing to accept. Whenever you have people you don't know in your dreams, who represent something negative, it could be a repressed part of you or something you don't want to acknowledge. He said, "if you spot it, you got it."

Ed Tauro said, "I do enjoy visiting Disneyland and Las Vegas very, very much. When I occasionally dream that I am at those locations, I know I am there. But it does not look like any of those places at all! It might resemble a local neighborhood or someplace else but somehow my dream is telling me I am at Disneyland or Vegas. Why is that? Is this only happening to me? " Dr. Paul said that things that bring us joy can lose their pizzazz over time. What once sparked excitement may be getting stale. So the message to him is you've gone to these places too many times. It's stale. try something different. and it can be the same with a person, a job and even a relationship.

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