Medeiros on White's comments: 'I feel like he feels Hawaii deserves this'

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - UFC welterweight contender, Yancy Medeiros, has long been one of the biggest advocates for bringing a UFC event to the 50th state. Like many UFC fans around the state, the Makaha-native welcomed company President, Dana White's, comments regarding their current push to make that dream a reality. However, on Saturday, Medeiros said he's still remaining cautiously optimistic about it all.

"I feel like he feels Hawaii deserves this," said Medeiros regarding White's comments. "The fans, fighters and just everyone that supports UFC in general. I feel like he's making this move because he knows that's venue UFC needs to be on."

During a UFC 219 press conference on Friday White said that he's "always been afraid of doing it outside, plus it rains every ten minutes there, but we're working on it and we really want to do it.. And obviously, with a Hawaiian champion now too, it makes a lot of sense. We're working on it."

That statement marked a major turn in White's stance. He'd previously been opposed to holding at an outdoor venue.

While it seems UFC Hawaii has overcome that obstacle, Medeiros says there's still one major hurdle that still stands in the way. Cost.

"I really feel if [the Hawaii Tourism Authority] and UFC just really have a good negotiation then things will work out," said Medeiros.

He added White's comments on Friday mark "a small step. But, it's got things moving forwards not backwards. And now that he knows that everyone else is interested in the venue he's interested too.. So, come on Dana bring it to Hawaii bring it home. "

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