3 suspects arrested in brutal kidnapping on Big Island

Rochelle "Shelley" Guyer. Image: Agnes Nathaniel
Rochelle "Shelley" Guyer. Image: Agnes Nathaniel

PUNA, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - The remaining suspects wanted in connection with a violent kidnapping of a Big Island woman have been arrested.

One of the suspects, 32-year-old Claude Carvalho Jr., was arrested on Tuesday, while two others --  26-year-old Nikki Nasario and 25-year-old Joshua Sosa -- were arrested on Wednesday.

Rochelle "Shelley" Guyer, 31, was taken at gunpoint Saturday from a home off Hee Street. She was blindfolded, tied up and assaulted, according to her mother, Agnes Nathaniel.

"They hit her with a tire iron, they put her in the back of the trunk and they took off," she said. "They told the people at the house that if they called the cops, they were going to come back and kill them."

Nathaniel said her daughter had also been hit with a crow bar and her hair had been cut off.

Hours later, after the news spread on social media, Nathaniel said Guyer was returned to the same home by the mother of one of the alleged suspects.

On Tuesday, police investigators on Hawaii Island released the mugshots of the three suspects.

A fourth suspect turned himself in late Saturday night, hours after the incident occurred. 34-year-old Paul Alisa was arrested and released, pending investigation.

Nathaniel is upset he was let go.

"The four of them went there for a reason," she said. "The four of them were in the car, the four of them knew what was going on so the four of them should be charged."

Police could not confirm details, but according to Nathaniel, the victim and suspects knew each other.

She said the alleged kidnap may have stemmed from a stolen vehicle incident.

"Apparently one of the people in the car had stolen a car and he blamed Shelley for taking the car,  but she had nothing to do with this," Nathaniel said.

No matter the circumstances, Nathaniel wants the people responsible for hurting her daughter to face consequences and is begging police to help.

"They know these suspects and they know they have criminal records," she said. "We have given them addresses and locations. They need to go out there and find them. I feel that if we didn't post on social media, if we didn't get it out there, if the news didn't put it out there, I feel that we may not have gotten my daughter back alive."

Anyone with further information is asked to call police.

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