There's a new twist in Hawaii's awesome brotherly tale!

Walter Macfarlane, left, with Allan Robinson. (Image: Macfarlane Family)
Walter Macfarlane, left, with Allan Robinson. (Image: Macfarlane Family)
(Image: Macfarlane Family)
(Image: Macfarlane Family)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An incredible story featuring a pair of newly-discovered brothers from Hawaii has taken another interesting turn.

Walter Macfarlane and Alan Robinson have been best friends for decades, attending classes together at Punahou School and sharing a field as football teammates. The pair only recently discovered they were actually half-brothers, but the revelation didn't end there.

It means Robinson actually has even more newly-discovered brothers than he initially thought.

Tom Gray, who grew up in Honolulu but now lives in Colorado, spent most of his childhood believing that Walter was his uncle despite being six years his elder, according to an interview conducted by the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Shortly after Gray married his Punahou School sweetheart in 1959, he says he learned the truth – that he wasn't Walter's nephew, but actually his older half-brother.

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"He's the handsome one. I'm the smart one," he told the paper.

After Walter and Robbie made their discovery, the pair called Tom and relayed the news.

"After learning about the X-chromasome, there's no doubt we have the same mother," Gray said. "I'm happy for my brother and for Alan."

Gray was unable to attend the "welcome to the family" party at Walter's house last weekend, but says he is looking forward to hosting future family gatherings with the new members of the family.

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