Forecast: Improved conditions, but still wet across the state

Forecast: Improved conditions, but still wet across the state

Showery weather continues on this Wednesday. The heaviest rainfall overnight occurred on Maui and a line of showers is now moving onto the Island of Hawaii's west side.

On all islands, expect southerly winds, scattered showers, and some patches of sunshine today.

The high in Honolulu will be 80 degrees.

A cold front will move across most of the state over the next 24 hours and result in improved conditions. Behind the front there will be northerly winds, fewer showers, and increased sunshine.

The front is just northwest of Kauai this morning and will cross that island today. The front will clear Oahu tonight, and likely fall apart over Maui County overnight.

Surf is down a notch on all shores. A new north will pop up tomorrow but remain below advisory levels. South shores will see a series of small pulses as we head into the weekend.

Today's waves will be 6-10 feet north, 3-6 feet west, 3-5 feet east, 1-3 feet south.

Wind Advisory for summits on the Island of Hawaii. SW winds will be 40-55 mph with gusts to 65 mph.

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