2017 in review: These were the most clicked HNN stories of the year

2017 in review: These were the most clicked HNN stories of the year

The last year in news was a lot of things.

Dizzying. Disruptive. Emotionally-fraught. Impactful. Silly. Weird.

Hawaii news was no exception, and the news that resonated with HNN followers ranged from the tragic to the uplifting.

Here's a look at the most clicked Hawaii News Now stories in 2017:

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is no stranger to controversy.

But his decision at the beginning of 2017 to sue hundreds in "quiet title" suits sparked fury in the islands.

Some likened the lawsuits, which were eventually dropped, to the tactics Hawaii sugar barons used to take land from Native Hawaiians.

The Facebook CEO spent $100 million in 2014 on 700 acres of beachfront land on Kauai's North Shore to create a secluded sanctuary for his family.

Hawaii has long worried about North Korea's threat of a nuclear attack.

But these year, things got really serious, as tensions with the country grew and North Korea showed off new technology that experts said showed it was making strides toward becoming a nuclear nation.

Responding to the threat, Hawaii started testing the nuclear attack siren for the first time since the Cold War and launched an educational campaign.

Tens of thousands of people crowded into Ala Moana Beach Park to watch history in the making: Hokulea's return from a groundbreaking worldwide voyage.

The homecoming was a moment of immense pride for the state — and generated national headlines, too.

On June 17, just before 10 a.m., Hokulea entered the Ala Wai Boat channel surrounded by an armada of vessels.

"Oh to have her home is so unreal!" exclaimed Malia Marquez, as she joined tens of thousands of others at Ala Moana Beach Park for Hokulea's homecoming celebration.

"Look at all these people," she said. "That's the reason, the connectedness, the ohana and aloha. You can't get enough of that."

It was a tragedy on a massive scale.

The July 14 inferno at the Marco Polo highrise in Honolulu killed four people, caused more than $100 million in damage and left scores of units damaged.

Those who lost their homes are still picking up the pieces, and a debate over whether sprinklers should be required in older highrises continues to rage.

The gruesome murder of North Shore wife and mother Telma Boinville was an unthinkable tragedy.

Boinville was at a vacation rental on Ke Iki Road that she had been cleaning.

Her young daughter was tied up by the suspects, but otherwise unharmed.

Two people have been charged in Boinville's murder: 23-year-old Stephen Brown and 20-year-old Hailey Dandurand. They've pleaded not guilty.

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