Hawaii powerlifter shatters local and national records

(Image: Aaron Mizushima)
(Image: Aaron Mizushima)

By Kainoa Carlson
HNN Staff

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As a 19-year-old, the daily demands of college and employment often leave many feeling overwhelmed.

The balancing act is tough. But for some, they're lucky enough to find their passion at an early age. Kendall Luz is one of those types of individuals. She discovered power-lifting through a friend, and has been a natural at it ever since.

"I started when I was 15, so it's been roughly four years or so," Luz said. "But not until recently did I start taking it to a more serious level."

The Texas native moved to Hawaii a year and a half ago and began training at Crossfit 808 and Mana barbell in Kalihi. Although she is one of the youngest athletes at both gyms she has already broken state and national records in the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

But her best performance to date took place in Las Vegas last month. At the International Powerlfiting Championships, she set two world records by squatting 248 lbs and bench pressing 137 lbs.

"It was just awesome cant really describe the feeling," said Luz. "It's a little more pressure as well, because I have to keep chasing those numbers and those numbers are kind of the best of my ability at the time."

Building off of the momentum she built in Sin City, she continued to perform well. On December 9th she competed in a local event for the U.S. power-lifting association where she dead-lifted 303 lbs breaking her own state and national record.

"That record was personally the best for me, I went home feeling the best even though it wasn't necessarily a world record because it was a local meet I knew myself that it was," said Luz. "That was a big accomplishment for myself."

At the end of the month she'll be returning to Texas to continue competitive power-lifting and pursue a career in nursing. San Antonio is the heart for power-lifting according to Luz, so she will continue toward working to break her own world records while pursuing her ultimate goal of one day being an Olympian.

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