Local Connection: Deedy Decision

Hawaii's supreme court decided last week that State Department special agent Christopher Deedy can be put on trial a third time for the death of Kollin Elderts.

Deedy was in Hawaii for the APEC summit in 2011 when he got into a scuffle with Elderts and ended up shooting him with his official weapon. It was a case that raised disturbing questions about when deadly force is necessary – and whether race and intoxication played a role in the two men's conduct.

Regardless, it was a death that did not need to happen and it is appropriate that the courts will have another chance to find a just outcome.

This is also a chance for Keith Kaneshiro's office to partially redeem itself after being tainted by the investigations into Katherine Kealoha – who for years was one of Kaneshiro's main supervisors.

In retrospect, the decision to prosecute Deedy for intentional murder without offering the jury a choice of manslaughter was clearly a mistake – which led to the painful length of this process.

This case needs to be prosecuted competently and effectively. So no matter what the jury finds, our community can move on without feeling justice slipped through our grasp.

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