Facebook Free-for-All Holiday edition

This is the holiday edition of Facebook Free-for-All. You ask the questions and the Sunrise anchors answer them.

Question 1: What's your favorite gift you've ever given?

Grace Lee said that when she was really young, someone stole her mother's diamond engagement ring. Her dad, her brother and sister decided to all pitch in and buy her a new one for Christmas. Grace put in about $10 which seemed like a fortune at the time. Looking back, she realizes that clearly her dad had to pay for 99.9% of the ring, but the memory is fond because they put their money together and bought it in secret. Then they surprised her mom for the holidays. And they did it as a family.

Steve Uyehara's favorite gift he ever gave was to his son Jace. He bought him a really cool Thomas the train set that went around, up and then down. He said that he and his wife Liz would watch it for hours, while his son got bored and played with something else.

Dan Cooke said that he has bought his wife tons of jewelry over the years. She liked it ok, but this present really got her excited. He said Kehau's face lit up when he told her that he had gotten her a subscription to the Red Zone, a football cable channel.

Question 2: What's your favorite holiday movie?

Steve: Old claymation movies especially "Rudolf"

Grace: "Love actually or "The Holiday"

Dan: It used to be "It's a Wonderful Life" but now it's "Elf"

Question 3: Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie?

Dan is adamant that it's too violent of a film to be considered a Christmas movie. It was released in July and should not be on the list.

Steve is on the other side saying that some people watch this every year during the holidays, so that makes it a Christmas classic. Just think, it's all set during Christmas. He has also been arguing this point for years.

And the debate rages on.

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