Diversity in Hollywood, Bodhi loves trains and doggy spa day

In "what's trending" today, Steve talks about diversity in Hollywood. While there's so much talk about Star Wars, Rey's parents, losing Princess Leia and the Porgs, there's another big conversation that's come from it - diversity. A new study by "Yougov" shows the minority fan base is growing. Only 20 percent of the fans of the ORIGINAL trilogy were minorities. Now, 26 percent of the fans are minorities. Fans point to the roles of Daisy Ridley as a Jedi and John Boyega's role as Finn as reasons for the bigger numbers.

But this is also cool.

Star Wars director Rian Johnson was asked if he wants to see more diversity in the directors chair. He said, "Hell yes, it's time. There are so many incredibly talented female directors, directors of color out there, and so many that I would love to see play in this universe."

Lacy shared video showing the joy of kids this season through the eyes of Bodhi. Dan Cooke's son was captured on video riding the train at Pearlridge Mall. As he rides by the camera, his face totally lights up with happiness. It's so cute.

Grace wasn't sure if this was creepy and/or weird, but there is video of a pug getting a full spa treatment. Even the massage techniques are the same as they would be at a human spa. One weird difference is the way they cover up the dog, partially with a fluffy head of a fake chicken. You have to see it to believe it.

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