Trending - Krispy Kreme gingerbread doughnuts and blinker fluid

Krispy Kreme is honoring National Gingerbread House day with a special promotion according to NBC News. Grace said it will offer a glazed gingerbread doughnut on December 12, 2017 on its menu for one day only. The Today Show staffers reviewed the flavor and some complained that it didn't have enough ginger taste to it. So if that's not your thing, you can get a free glazed classic doughnut on December 15, 2017 if you don your ugliest Christmas sweater.

Steve shared video of a mom pulling a prank on her son. It's a good one. On Instagram's FailArmy U, a mom sent her son into a store for something to fix the car. The boy returns obviously embarrassed after asking for "blinker fluid" which, of course, does not exist. After asking him to repeat what he was looking for, even the store clerk realized that he was getting punked.

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