Local Connection: Jim Nabors

For the last nearly 40 years, one of the good things about Hawaii has been Jim Nabors.

He passed away last week at his home in Black Point after what can only be described as an extraordinary, exemplary life.

With his goofy grin and "aw shucks" southern humility, no one would have predicted that he would become one of television's best known and most beloved performers. The combination of sincere warmth, comedy skills and that incredible baritone made completely unique as a star.

In his personal life, he lived as a gay man without shame and married his longtime partner as soon as the law allowed.  But told us he was just being himself, not an activist.  He was too humble to push his own views on anyone else.

Those of us who had a chance to meet him over the years were all struck by his kind and welcoming style, his humor and attentiveness in conversation. It was so easy to forget that you were chatting with a superstar.

Jim Nabors could have lived anywhere on earth, but he chose Hawaii to live out his life is another reminder of how lucky we all are to call Hawaii home.

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