Hawaiian Word of the Day: Hookupu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Welina me ke aloha, ?o Laiana Kanoa-Wong keia me ka hua?olelo o ka la. Our Hawaiian word of the day is "Ho?okupu" e ho'a?o pu kakou "Ho?okupu" maika?i. A ho?okupu is an offering or tribute, the root word kupu means sprout, growth or offspring. Adding the causative word ho?o to kupu you get Ho?okupu which means to sprout forth or to cause growth. Used in a sentence "E ho?omakaukau pono i na ho?okupu" Which translates as "Prepare the offerings with the most care" During the Makahiki the community would put forth their very best ho?okupu, which could come in the form of the most prized foods that were grown or caught, the finest mats, bowls and feather works that are crafted in hopes of bringing forth more growth and abundance in the coming year. May we always give our very best for our ?ohana and our lahui. E ola mau ka ?olelo Hawai?i, aloha!

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