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Business Report: U.S. cookie sales

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

I would have guessed that Oreos are America's best-selling cookies, but they aren't. Chips Ahoy now outsells Oreos. Both are Nabisco products. The top bar is private label cookies, which is a combination of products. Chips Ahoy and Oreos each have more than 200 million in unit sales. Little Debbie comes in next. Then BelVitas.

But aha! Look at this. The researchers at Statista broke out Double Stuffs as a separate cookie. So Oreos ARE the top sellers. After BelVitas, with which I'm not familiar, come Little Debby Nutty Bars, Nabisco Nillas, and then my personal favorite, Pepperidge Farm Milanos.

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