Local Connection: Kamehameha Schools Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Last week, we devoted quite a lot of our newscasts to our series "Hidden Betrayal," about the lawsuit over literally thousands of sexual assaults by a local psychiatrist.

The stories of Kamehameha students being preyed upon were hard to hear. The men who survived this nightmare deserve our community's gratitude and respect for their bravery in speaking out on a subject that was taboo for so long.

Let's hope that the legal battle over their claims against Kamehameha and St. Francis can be resolved reasonably and quickly to allow the survivors and the institutions to move on.

As a news organization we take this kind of story very seriously. We don't want to sensationalize the suffering. But it also comes as our society is crossing into a new era when it comes to sexual assault, harassment and exploitation.

We are now in the first stage of real change – with survivors willing to say "Me too." We've recognized that silence due to fear and shame has allowed perpetrators to avoid accountability and repeat their behavior.

Awareness is clearly higher than it's ever been before. Because of that…we can only hope that a serial sex crimes on this scale are a thing of the dark past.

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