Trending - world's largest lithium battery, Prince George's Christmas list and hilarious evidence of a dog person

In what's trending today, Howard tells us about the world's biggest lithium ion battery. It is up and running in the Australian Outback. Elon Musk promised to build the 100-megawatt battery in 100 days or hand it over for free. He did it in 60 days. It began sending power to the grid Thursday. If you know your Australian geography it's 120 miles north of Adelaide. This solar farm is triple the size of the previous record holder in Mira Loma, California.

Grace shared video of Prince William. He took the opportunity while in Helsinki, Finland to meet with Santa Claus. He had a very important task. He needed to hand deliver his 4-year-old son George's Christmas list to the big jolly guy. On it, Prince George circled that he had been "nice" throughout the year. He then listed only one item on it. It said "police car". We assume the little boy means the toy version, but good job to dad for making this happen.

Dan shared video showing why some people are not dog people. It's from the Daily Mail and it shows the hilarious reaction from a man's dog, once he tries to pet it. You have to watch this one.

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