Big Island ranchers say more cattle are being killed

Big Island ranchers say more cattle are being killed

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Big Island cattle ranchers say over the past few years there has been a troubling and significant increase in the number of cows being killed.

West Hawaii Today reports that the most recent killing occurred at Armando Rodriguez's farm. Police Capt. Kenneth Quiocho said the cow was slain about Nov. 19, but officers have no leads as to who killed it. None of the animal's meat or body parts were taken.

Guy Galimba, a long-time cattle rancher in Naalehu, said eight or nine of his cows have been killed in the same fashion. Galimba says he and other ranchers believe a person or people are killing the animals for the thrill of it.

Some of the ranchers say there's nothing police can do to help, so they've stopped reporting the slayings.

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