Trending- President's tax plan, long Star Wars movie, Bruno Mars shares a tango and Dan's clip-on man bun for Steve

In what's trending today, Howard said, "President Trump keeps saying the tax plan will include a huge tax cut, the biggest ever. And as it stands now, that's just not true, it's not even close to true. But it's a little too soon to yell 'pants on fire' since nothing's final yet. The House plan is different from the Senate plan. And the Senate plan cleared committee only because of assurances given to three Republican senators, that aren't actually in the bill they voted for. Let me offer one example of how tricky this is. Wisconsin's Ron Johnson won't vote for tax cuts that increases the deficit. So he was assured the bill will be changed to prevent that from happening. But the only sure way to prevent that from happening is a trigger that raises taxes if-and-when. Two Republican senators say they won't vote for the plan if it DOES have a trigger."

Steve recommends that you buy extra snacks if you plan to see the newest Star Wars flick, "The Last Jedi" because it's expected to be long. In fact, it's the longest in the series at 2 1/2 hours in length. It's half an hour longer than the last one. But it's not super long. "The Green Mile", "Schindler's List" and "The Godfather" Part II were all more than 3 hours. And as far as recent movies, "The Wolf of Wall Street" also hit the 3 hour mark. And the Dark Knight Rises was 2 hours, 45 minutes.

Grace shared an Instagram video from Bruno Mars. He recently had a concert in Argentina and posted a video with tango music in the background. What initially looked like tango dancers was actually his security detail removing multiple fans. It's not clear if they were overcome with the awesomeness of Bruno or from heat or if they got too close. But it's a pretty cool video.

Dan revealed what he plans to get Steve for Christmas, it's a clip-on man bun. Enough said.

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