Pre-Thanksgiving Trending- McD's buttermilk chicken shortage, Bus block and twurkey

On Thanksgiving eve, Grace talked about a reported shortage of the buttermilk crispy tenders at McDonalds across the nation. Business Insider had an article that said many "hangry" people were discovering that their local Mickey D's didn't have the crispy delight. They were not happy about it. BI said that the reason for the shortage is because the new menu item is so popular. McDonalds told BI that it expects the return of the chicken tender by the end of the year.

Howard noted the hilarious video of the Georgia Dome implosion went viral. If you haven't seen it, a photographer with the Weather Channel had a perfectly set-up shot. As soon as the implosion occurred, a public bus pulled up and blocked the shot. Worst timing ever. Now, there are a series of memes dedicated to the incident.

Dan said that he felt Thanksgiving arrived too early. So he played the "Twurkey" video to get everyone ready. It features an animated turkey twerking and it's fantastic.

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