Vet on Set - Mange and Parvo virus

Dr. Richard Fujie from the King Street Pet Hospital appeared on Sunrise with Rustee, who is up for adoption. He was found with a bad case of Sarcoptic mange along with secondary bacterial and yeast skin infections.  Rustee was a stray and was not well cared for, therefore, his immune system may have been compromised and susceptible to infections.

Sarcoptic Mange is a highly infectious microscopic mite that lives in the layers of the skin.  It can spread to other mammals including humans, but is seen primarily in dogs. For Rustee, Dr. Fujie started him on an antibiotic along with medicine for the secondary skin infections.  There are now some great drugs to treat this parasite.  Some of the newer tick medications will kill the mites.  Your veterinarian can help you with this.

Rustee is doing much better now that he has had excellent care through the Fur-Angel Foundation and Dr. Fujie. He is a very sweet dog.  He is a Papillon Mix and is about 7 - 8 years old.  He gets along well with children and other dogs.  He would be a great addition to a loving family.  He was found on a road by a member of The Fur-Angel Foundation and, after doing research, it was discovered that he was abandoned.  It was obvious that Rustee had severe hair loss and a skin condition, so The Fur-Angel Foundation brought Rustee to Dr. Fujie for treatment.  He treated Rustee for six months and then cleared him for adoption.  His hair is growing out and may never grow out completely in some areas of his body due to his experience with Sarcoptic Mange.  But that does not make him any less lovable.  He looks different, but he is still a very loving dog that wants a forever home.  He is currently living in a caring foster home.

If someone would like to adopt Rustee, they should contact The Fur-Angel Foundation at (808) 763-8662 or  You will need to fill out an application for consideration.  Rustee is a great dog that just wants to be loved.  Contact the Fur-Angel Foundation if you want to meet him.

The Fur-Angel Foundation was recently involved in rescuing dogs from the homeless camp on Nimitz. That included a couple of puppies with Parvo. It's a virus that affects the intestines of young canines and is highly contagious. It can cause severe diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss. But most of the puppies and dogs are recovering nicely and will soon be up for adoption.

In order to care for these types of dogs who are sick, the costs can rise quickly. If you'd like to help the Fur-Angel Foundation, it needs monetary donations to help with medical expenses for every dog that they rescue.  These dogs cannot be adopted out, until they are cleared medically.  So donations are greatly appreciated.

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