Trending: coffee good for your liver, Mike & Mike ends and abandoned kitten finds home

One of the important responsibilities of a morning news show is tracking every little thing we about coffee, said Howard Dicus in "what's trending". The University College of London publishes a study that says a cup of coffee a day is good for the liver. They don't know why, they didn't study that. In fact, they didn't study anything, they just did number-crunching on other people's studies. But that meta-analysis tells them drinking coffee every day reduces liver damage risk 40% or more. Since they don't know why, everyone gets to guess. My guess is, people are drinking coffee instead of Scotch.

Steve reports that Mike & Mike was ESPN's top sports talk show, but after 18 years it's over. It was this perfect combination of Mike Greenburg, a self-deprecating germaphobe who paid careful attention to his wardrobe and ate his kale. Mike Golic was his counter-part  and was the former NFL player who on a couple occasions ate food off the floor. They argued loud and obnoxiously. Greeny would argue from the standpoint of an irrational, even superstitious fan. Golic was always matter-of-fact and had great on-the-field stories that only a former athlete can tell. But what made them so popular is that they would start conversations about life issues.

Greeny was a HUGE Seinfeld fan and the show seemed to show it. They talked about Greeny's wife's crush on Tom Brady, superstitions and tipping at restaurants. They made bets and had these huge payoffs. Greeny had to milk a cow. Golic waxed his legs. They were recently inducted into the broadcasting hall-of-fame.

Grace told a story about a woman who was reportedly taking her dog to the vet, when she spotted a little black lump just off the road. It turned out to be a kitten. She gave it a bath and fed it, only to have it snuggle up to her dog, Cali, in front of the fireplace. How can you separate them? Supposedly she couldn't keep the kitty, but she did convince her brother and his girlfriend to keep it. So the two will still be able to visit.

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