Business Report: The FCC to allow more consolidation in the media

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In 1970 when i broke into radio as a high school senior, every radio and TV station did some news. They had to; the FCC required it, because the airwaves are a public trust. You could own no more than 7 AM stations, 5 FM stations and 5 TV stations. And, of course, in 1970, most large cities had two different newspapers.

In fairness, most stations carried network news and did little or no original local reporting. But some did, more than do today. Today the FCC does NOT require it. And companies can and do own hundreds of stations. Today the FCC is expected to let broadcast chains buy newspapers as well, in the same towns. The thinking is, the Internet offers competition that didn't exist in 1970.

I thought of not doing this topic because our operation here is the result of consolidation. But it's an issue to discuss and I have the luxury of not being told what to say, so, there you go.

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