Howard's Movie Review: Solaris

For this edition of "Movies I Should Have Review Long Ago," the 2002 film "Solaris."

This George Clooney sci-fi film tanked at the box office.

Critics called it slow-moving, cerebral and ambiguous. I call it a fine murder mystery.

In a space station orbiting another world, crew are going nuts. Clooney is sent to find out why.

They're going nuts because after dreaming about loved ones the loved ones show up.

The shrink, who figures out some of it, faces the question, is an alien human if it has human memories?

Are the aliens good? Are they bad? It's complicated – a refreshing change from most sci-fi movies.

Steven Soderbergh, of "Sex, Lies and Videotape," "Erin Brockovich," "Traffic" and "Ocean's Eleven," not only directs but under pseudonyms was also screenwriter and cinematographer.

James Cameron produced but got too busy to direct; he said Soderbergh made a better film than he would.

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