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Experts plan cleanup of Hawaii boat wreck leaking oil off Waikiki

(Image: Coast Guard) (Image: Coast Guard)

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The Coast Guard says pollution cleanup could take weeks for a fishing boat that smashed into a shallow reef off Hawaii and has been leaking oil and fuel into the water.

The vessel was taking workers from Southeast Asia and other Pacific islands to work low-paying jobs in Hawaii's fishing fleet when it smashed into a shallow reef on Oct. 10.

The boat has been leaking pollutants ever since a fire broke out on the deck days after the crash. There is a visible sheen around the boat.

The Coast Guard said in a statement Thursday that expert teams will assess damages to the coral reef as soon as the vessel is removed.

The crash illustrates a potential environmental impact of the Hawaii fishing industry fleet's practice of transporting foreign workers by boat.

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