Mililani family questions killing of pet pig

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A large pig on the loose was killed in a Mililani neighborhood Sunday morning, but it turns out the animal was actually someone's pet.

Tapuilima Hanapi said she got Hilahila when he was just a few weeks old last October, from a farm in Kahaluu. She even obtained documents from the neighborhood's homeowners association that allowed her to keep the pet on her property.

On Sunday morning, Hilahila escaped from Hanapi's backyard. By the time she realized he was gone, it was already too late.

Cell phone video has surfaced that appears to show three men and a pack of dogs surrounding the pig on Makohilani Street, about a block from Hanapi's home.

"I walked out over here, where there was a man holding a white dog by the scruff, he was not leashed and I said, 'Did you kill my piggy,' and he said 'Nope, but your piggy was very vicious,'" said Hanapi.

Witnesses, who didn't want to be on camera, said the pig frightened an elderly couple walking in the neighborhood Sunday morning and was charging at cars. Another says a neighbor first tried unsuccessfully to rope the animal before he let his dogs loose and grabbed a kitchen knife, killing the nearly 300 pound pig.

Honolulu police officials say officers believed it was a wild pig because it didn't have a collar or other markings identifying it as a family pet.

"I'm not saying it's OK he was running loose and running around," she Hanapi. "In fact, I know specifically he shouldn't have been."

Hanapi says her pet pig had escaped several times before, but had never hurt anyone.

"All the ways I thought my pet would pass, I never thought it'd be at the hands of dogs and a knife in a residential area," said Hanapi.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says it opened an investigation and are looking for witnesses to come forward. Call  808-356-2250.

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