Kailua mom finds needle in child's Halloween candy

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parents: Check your children's Halloween candy.

Police have opened a reckless endangering case after the mother of an 8-year old girl says she found a needle in a Twix bar that the child got on Halloween.

The family lives on Kihapai street in Kailua.

Suliana Lolohea said she kept a bag of her child's Halloween candy in their refrigerator and allowed her daughter, Suliana M. Lolohea, to eat a little each day.

Lolohea said little Suliana found the needle while they were inspecting the candy on Sunday.

"When I bent the candy I found the needle inside," little Suliana said.

"She told me, 'Mom! 'Look!' I was sitting beside my daughter and I saw there's a needle...a long needle," Lolohea said.

They said the needle was in a fun-size Twix.

The 8-year old was not injured and no other pieces were tampered with.

The mother told police she is willing to prosecute, but it's unclear if the Twix bar can be linked to a particular home that was handing out candy.

Lolohea said the candy came from somewhere on their trick-or-treating path, which started on Kihapai Street, down to Punaa Street, then down Oneawa Street. She wants other families to be aware.

"I want to report to make sure if the people in Kailua still have the candy, please check it out or throw away all the candy that you have in Kailua. That's how I? feel because who knows how many candy they put the needle inside," said Lolohea.

In 2015, police investigated at least five reports of candy that had been tainted in Ewa, Waianae and Waimanalo.

Keiki safety experts say most parents do quick checks of Halloween candy to make sure the wrappers aren't torn or open, but small needles and pins can be inserted without any obvious signs.

They suggest breaking the candy in half before eating it to make sure nothing is hiding inside.

"We want to ask the people doing this, please think about the kids," Lolohea said.

"Please don't do that because it's kind of dangerous for them. If you did that to your family or children or nieces or nephew, it might be harming your family," said little Suliana.

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