'Movember' is Men Health Awareness Month

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Universal Men's Clinic in support of Movember, an international movement, is encouraging men to put their health at the top of their "to do" list and see a doctor to get their blood pressure, cholesterol and testosterone levels checked.  Movember is an annual campaign to bring awareness to men's health.  The goal is to help men live happier, healthier and longer lives by bringing awareness and education to men's health issues.  Universal Men's Clinic encourages men to see a doctor to check their blood pressure, cholesterol and testosterone levels as health conditions addressed early can have positive results.

"Surprising to many is that men begin to lose testosterone as early as 30 years old," says Dr. Charles Arakaki, Chief of Staff for Universal Men's Clinic.  "The symptoms:  feeling tired, decreased libido, decreased strength and endurance are often mistaken for a hectic lifestyle, when it is actually Low Testosterone, which is a treatable condition."

Recognizing that men with stressful or physically demanding job are more at risk for Low Testosterone, Universal Men's Clinic is encouraging first responders, union members and military personnel to get their testosterone levels checked and will waive their $199 office visit fee during the month of November.

Universal Men's Clinic focuses on improving men's sexual health by helping men suffering from Low Testosterone and erectile dysfunction through the use of customized medical treatments, continual monitoring and the support of a professional and confidential staff.  They have successfully treated thousands of men with these conditions.

For more information, visit UniversalMensClinic.com.

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