LIVE BLOG: Rainbow Warriors vs. UNLV Rebels

LIVE BLOG: Rainbow Warriors vs. UNLV Rebels


- Brown can't find a receiver and pass goes incomplete as the clock runs out. Thanks for staying along with us here at Hawaii News Now. Go Warriors!

4th Quarter: 0:07

- Brown scrambles for 19 yards and a first down. Hawaii with the ball at the 27 yard line with seven seconds left to score.

4th Quarter: 1:18

- Hawaii's defense gets the stop it needs to force punt. Warriors get ball next.

4th Quarter: 2:15

- Hawaii's onside kick attempt doesn't pan out. UNLV ball.

4th Quarter: 2:15


- Trifonovitch converts 27-yard field goal. Warriors trail 31-23.

4th Quarter: 2:44

- Brown finds wideout Kumoku Noa for 38 yards. Warriors in red zone.

4th Quarter: 4:53


- Pantels converts 32-yard field goal to put Rebels up 31-20 in the fourth.

4th Quarter: 5:39

- UNLV is running down the clock here in the fourth on six-minute drive. Time running out on Warriors.

4th Quarter: 10:01

- Stanton finds Kanteman for 11 yards and first down. Rebels driving.

4th Quarter: 11:46


- Saint Juste runs through contact into end zone for Hawaii score. Warriors trail 28-20 after PAT.

4th Quarter: 11:57

- Second consecutive throw to Dakota Torres goes through his hands in end zone. Third down Hawaii

4th Quarter: 13:39

- For the second time this drive, Brown finds Collie for a first down. Warriors in a hurry to reduce deficit.

4th Quarter: 14:47

- Brown finds Collie on 21-yard connection for first down.


3rd Quarter: 0:23


- And just like that, Lexington finds a lane into the end zone to put the Rebels ahead 27-13. UNLV has scored two touchdowns in less than two minutes.

3rd Quarter: 1:37

- Stanton finds Presley on 30-yard bomb to set Rebels offense up near goal line, looking to extend lead.

3rd Quarter: 1:40


- Warriors get a taste of their own medicine as Rebels convert well-executed onside kick. UNLV ball.

3rd Quarter: 1:48


- Stanton finds Keys in the back of the end zone for easy 10-yard touchdown. UNLV leads 21-13 after PAT.

3rd Quarter: 4:13

- Lexington finds some running room along the Warriors sideline and rushes for 24 yards. First down UNLV.

3rd Quarter: 4:53

- Incompletion on third-and-19 forces Warriors to punt. Rebels receive ball next.

3rd Quarter: 6:59

- Ryan Tuiasoa plunges forward for first down on third-and-short. 'Bows driving.

3rd Quarter: 8:22


- Right after getting the sack, Warriors defense gives up 52-yard slant over the middle to Brando Presley for score. UNLV retakes the lead 14-13 after PAT.

3rd Quarter: 9:14

- Big sack from Williams on Stanton as Hawaii's defense continues to impress after poor opening drive. Unit has been solid since giving up score.

3rd Quarter: 9:53


- Brown finds Collie on a perfect throw for 20 yards in the back of the end zone. Hawaii leads 13-7 after the PAT.

3rd Quarter: 11:10

- Brown looks downfield on bootleg but wideout Dylan Collie couldn't get to ball because of Rebels defender, who was flagged for defensive pass interference. First down Hawaii.

3rd Quarter: 12:16

- Stanton scrambles for eight yards but comes on short on third down. Hawaii set to have good field position after punt.

3rd Quarter: 12:59

- Warriors can't get much going on offense, but Gaudion pins the ball inside UNLV's 10 yard line on fourth down. Rebels ball coming up.

3rd Quarter: 15:00


- WOW! Warriors come in the second half with a surprise onside kick and grab the loose ball. Warriors ball coming up next.

3rd Quarter: 15:00

- UNLV set to receive kickoff coming up next in Las Vegas.


2nd Quarter: 0:17


- Trifonovitch kicks 38-yard field goal to bring the score to 7-6.

2nd Quarter: 0:46

- After a big completion to Ewaliko down the field, the Warriors offense is nearing the Rebels red zone with one timeout remaining.

2nd Quarter: 1:33


- Gigantic stop for Hawaii's defense as Solomon Matautia intercepts Rogers and returns ball up field. Warriors offense has chance to put points on the board before half.

2nd Quarter: 1:28

- HUGE sack on third down as Tavai finds Rogers in backfield for nine-yard loss.

2nd Quarter: 1:52

- UNLV in red zone but Warriors force third down after a tipped pass on second down. Hawaii looking for a goal line stand.

2nd Quarter: 4:05

- Quarterback Armani Rogers completes pass to Kendal Keys for 21 yards. Warriors defense has been stout, but still giving up some big plays over the middle.

2nd Quarter: 6:16


- Trifonovitch hits 31-yard field goal for Hawaii's first points of the game. UNLV leads 7-3 over Hawaii.

2nd Quarter: 5:54

- Warriors in red zone but Saint Juste gets stopped at line of scrimmage on third down.

2nd Quarter: 12:51

- Nice 18-yard run by Saint Juste. First down Warriors.

2nd Quarter: 9:03

- Diocemy Saint Juste finds room on the outside for first down reception. 'Bows looking good here as they march past the 50 yard line.

2nd Quarter: 12:18

- Cole McDonald in at quarterback for Hawaii on this series for a four-yard run before Brown check back in under center. Hawaii getting creative.

2nd Quarter: 12:54

- Hawaii punted the ball at the end of the first quarter as the Rebels took over. A strong defensive series from Hawaii forces UNLV to punt. Hawaii needs to get things going before the half.


1st Quarter: 1:31

- Hawaii gets the ball back off UNLV punt. Warriors looking to even this game up.

1st Quarter: 3:08

- Big sack for Hawaii here as UNLV faces a third and 20.

1st Quarter: 6:22

- Lexington gets stopped short of first down by Warriors linebacker Jahlani Tavai. Third down coming up for the Rebels.

1st Quarter: 8:47

- Hawaii gets ball back after UNLV but struggles to string together first downs. Rebels force second Hawaii punt of the first quarter, this time going for a touchback. UNLV  ball coming up at the 20 yard line.

1st Quarter: 11:01


- Quarterback Johnny Stanton takes the ball in on a four-yard touchdown run, fooling the Warriors defense on play-action. UNLV leads 7-0 after PAT.

1st Quarter: 11:37

- Running back Thomas Lexington goes for 19 yards on reception for first down. First and goal for UNLV.

1st Quarter: 13:58

- Rebels marching down field early at will. UNLV now past 50 yard line as they look to get into scoring position.

1st Quarter: 14:06

- Quick three-and-out for Hawaii as UNLV forces the punt. Rebels ball coming up next.

1st Quarter: 15:00

- Warriors go deep on first play of game. Quarterback Dru Brown throws a little behind Keelan Ewaliko on what could've been a big play, but the pass fell incomplete.

1st Quarter: 15:00

- We're almost set for kickoff here in Las Vegas as the Warriors look to get their season back on track. Hawaii to receive ball first.

The University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors are on the road again, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada as they face the UNLV Rebels . Follow our LIVE BLOG of the game on your mobile device or computer by clicking the link below. Let's GO BOWS!

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