Think About It: Angry Burbs

Think About It: Angry ‘Burbs

Hawaii drivers tend to be courteous and generally accepting of our bad roads and worsening traffic, right? We don't honk, we wave people through intersections; you know the routine. Yet a recent study from Insurance Quotes suggests that Hawaii has the angriest drivers in the nation, the most road rage of any state. The data came from over 65,000 Instagram posts between mid-2013 and August of 2016. Fridays had the most posts, and August was the angriest month of the year. More traffic heading into weekends and summertime blues.

According to this latest survey, Hawaii at #1 in anger  had 67% more #RoadRage posts than the 2nd angriest state- California, another state known for lots of cars and lots of traffic all of the time. Heck, years ago, road rage meant shootings in Cali. Road rage postings rise throughout the day nationally, perhaps indicating that drivers simply get more fed up with their lives, let alone driving, as the day wears on, and many feel the need to vent, probably while driving. How unsafe and one more reason to avoid social platforms more often. The survey blames our road rage on incessant traffic and also suggests that the driving and sometimes clueless tourists might be ratcheting up our road rage. Yes, some of those street names are tough to fathom for first-time visitors going 12 miles-per-hour. And bikers with maps in their hands doesn't help our auto weaving.

New York ranked #3 in road rage. The home of honking when you're 12th in line and the light turns green. You really expect me to believe that Hawaii residents and visitors are angrier and ruder while driving than those in New York? Maybe the flaw here is that many of us simply don't use Instagram, ever! Maybe our real anger nowadays is about the plethora of surveys purported to be factual which now show up far too often about far too many subjects with far too many variables. Maybe more people should stop providing us with 24-hour instantaneous answers on things, and spend more time simply reflecting. You know, think about it…