Police: Georgia woman scammed Big Island 92-year-old out of his life savings

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A woman in Georgia has been charged with scamming a 92-year-old man on the Big Island out of his life savings.

Police say he is one of four elderly people in Hawaii duped by the same conwoman.

Police captured Quchelle Hill on Tuesday in a tiny town in south Georgia.

Officers there were tipped off by police in Hilo, who identified her as the person using a sweepstakes scam targeting the elderly.

Investigators say Hill claimed to be with the Publisher's Clearing House, calling her victims and telling them they'd hit the jackpot. But, she told them, before she could deposit the award they'd need to wire money to cover the fees.

According to police records, Hill is accused of scamming a 92-year-old Hilo man out of $45,060.00. Detectives in Georgia found more evidence of fraud after reviewing the woman's bank account.

"We discovered during the investigation more victims in the state of Hawaii," said Capt. Maurice Holmes.

Police believe Hill conned another three Hawaii residents -- who they haven't identified yet -- out of an additional $20,000. All of the money had been wired from the islands into her account.

Hill is facing charges of fraud and exploiting the elderly.

"They think if they do a crime far away they wont be held accountable for it. With the laws the way they are now it doesn't matter where you are in the US," said Holmes.

Police say the case could be turned over to the FBI because crime crossed state lines.

Investigators say you should always be leery about someone reaching out to you about prize money. And that you should never wire money to someone you don't know.

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