Coast Guard: Sheen near fishing boat stuck off Waikiki not a serious threat

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - An environmental activist said new drone video shows a grounded fishing boat polluting the waters off Waikiki.

Coast Guard officials, however, don't believe the sheen coming from the Pacific Paradise is a serious threat.

Carroll Cox sent his drone up on Tuesday to get a closer look at the 79-foot vessel which has been stuck for three weeks near Kaimana Beach. He was disturbed to see a sheen caused by diesel fuel and said that containment booms should have been be used.

"We should have that out there or some measures or making some effort, not just completely remove ourselves and let it flow freely," said Cox, president of EnviroWatch, Inc.

"We do know that just right on this beach alone we have monk seals that are here, turtles that are here and so we can't accept that. It's irresponsible and it's not good stewardship."

Efforts to tow the boat off the reef have failed. The Coast Guard said crews removed as much of the diesel fuel as they could, leaving about 1,500 gallons onboard in a tank that's submerged and plugged.

Stephany Sofos usually swims in the area several times a week.

"I can smell it and it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like there's something that's there that I shouldn't be in the water for," she said.

According to Coast Guard officials, the safety of the public and the environment are top priorities. A spokesperson said there is no new leak, and the sheen appears to be residual fuel on the deck that was washed into the water.

The Coast Guard is reviewing the latest action proposal from the vessel's owner and the salvage company before approving another removal attempt.

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