Security restrictions for president's visit spur inter-island flight cancellations

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As details of President Trump's visit to Oahu become public, the staff at Makani Kai has been busy rescheduling canceled flights.

Because the airline doesn't require its passengers to be screened by Transportation Security Administration officers, it's not allowed to operate within 10 miles of the president, who will be staying in Waikiki.

That means a number of inter-island flights had to be canceled.

"We found out yesterday. So we started notifying them yesterday," said the airline's director of sales and marketing PJ O'Reilley.

The temporary flight restriction will begin on Friday at 12:30 p.m. and run through Saturday at 8 a.m.

O'Reilley says it will affect 15 flights, along with 15 helicopter tours. He estimates at least 160 passengers will need to re-book. Most of the flights affected are between Oahu and Molokai.

"We haven't been sworn at yet. People are pretty understanding. When the commander-in-chief is in town, we try to go along to get along and make his visit smooth," said O'Reilley

Mokulele Airlines is in the same position.

Howeverm the company is currently negotiating with the TSA to see if the agency can oversee security for some of their flights out of Molokai and Kapalua, Maui. The airline's president says cancellations should be minimal.

"I'm expecting a worse-case scenario to be one or two flights a day," said Rob McKinney.

McKinney expects to know for sure early tomorrow morning.

Anyone's flight that is affected will be contacted by each of those airlines.

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