Local Connection: President Trump's Visit

President Trump is expected to visit Oahu at the end of this week.

We grew accustomed to presidential visits while our native son was in the White House, but this will be a lot different than the Obama vacations.

It will be a business trip on the eve of a high-stakes trip to Asia – including south Korea.

Hawaii is one of the few states where the possibility of nuclear devastation is frequently discussed, and it would be appropriate for him to acknowledge that concern, especially in and around his visit to Pearl Harbor.

We expect there will be protests in a state that defiantly led the legal challenges to his immigration policies. They will try to bait his legendary temper, if they get the chance. But let's hope the most productive part of his visit is his meeting with Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris.

Harris is a renowned expert on security in the pacific and probably understands the North Korea situation better than anyone.

We know the president does have a lot of respect for men with military background. Lets hope that the sobering message he is likely to hear from the Admiral will put him in the diplomatic frame of mind he will need to make this important trip a success.

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