Business Report 10/30/17: Water pollution

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Officials in Minnesota put together a pie chart on different sources of water pollution and I wanted to share it before it contains some surprises, at least for me.

The Minnesotans say 72 percent of water pollution is from farms: cropland ground water, drainage and runoff. My own experience covering water pollution has been here, and before here, Chesapeake Bay. And both places are different from this.

In Hawaii the main water pollution concern is animal waste that flows down streams after heavy rains. Another key concern is stuff people throw out, which also flows into the ocean after heavy rains.

In Chesapeake Bay, there are many wide rivers, tidal estuaries with very little current. So heavy rains take fertilizer over flat farms, and Chemlawn chemicals from people's yards, and dumps it into the rivers, where the nitrogen sits and bakes and feeds algae blooms that kill the fish.

On Chesapeake, seafood is an industry -- there, a waterman is someone who works on the water -- and this affects that.

Over here, brown water advisories affect tourism - so either way, pollution is bad for business.

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