School fund raising flub results in student discipline on Maui

KAHULUI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Maui Waena Intermediate School had printed 48,000 tickets for a fundraiser. Those tickets contained an error, and were supposed to be destroyed.

But some students got their hands on some of the tickets and started selling them.

The fundraiser was meant to raise money for a possible tent cover for an outdoor basketball court and some field trips. For $7.50, you could get either banana macnut loaf cake, cinnamon bread, manapua or chocolate chip cookies.

There was just one problem.

"These tickets are also invalid because they were printed with the incorrect pickup times and we are in the process of replacing them," said principal Jacques McCandless.

McCandless said the bad tickets had been placed aside to be destroyed. "We noticed they were missing yesterday when we got a call from the community."

She said a few students found the tickets, took some, and sold them.

"The students were able to access it because they weren't as secured as it needed to be."

Administrators believe the kids sold about $300 worth of the tickets. The students have returned some of the money.

The principal isn't sure if police will get involve, but said the students will face some sort of discipline.

"As a school we've learned that we need to have tighter security when running and fundraiser, and the students involved had learned some life lessons as well," said McCandless.

Anyone who purchased the tickets should call the school. They'll like get the correct tickets sometime next month, when the school prints a new batch.

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