What's trending: Kennedy docs, baby spa, awkward kid moment and Sunny's 10th birthday

In what's trending today, Howard Dicus talks about the release of classified documents in regards to the John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963. President Trump ordered hundreds of documents to be unclassified, however, not all of them were. The FBI and the CIA told him national security would be compromised unless some docs were suppressed. So – do we know what's NOT being released? We know SOME of it. According to the Washington Post, the still-secret records include a 338-page file on the guy who ran the CIA office in Dallas at the time of the assassination. Several files are withheld on anti-Castro Cuban exiles that the CIA was tight with. And this got Howard's attention: they're withholding an 18-page dossier on Gordon McClendon. The Post simply calls him a Dallas businessman who met with Jack Ruby just before he shot Oswald. But Gordon McClendon is famous in the history of radio. He had the first top 40 music station, the first all-news station, the first background music station, the first mobile news unit, the first traffic report and the first jingles. What we DON'T know is whether his meeting with Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, means anything important. If you're a conspiracy buff you might want to know that in World War II he worked for Naval Intelligence.

Dan Cooke shared some video out of Perth, Australia of infants enjoying the good life early. There is a baby spa that has opened that provides them with some weird looking hydrotherapy as well as what looks to be some delightful massage.

Steve Uyehara shared what started out as a happy, sweet moment with a child. She's laughing and having a great time until she suddenly has an accident. It's in her pants. Awkward!

Grace Lee is celebrating with her dog Sunny. She's about to turn 10 years old on Sunday, October 29th. They have been together since Sunny was a puppy and Grace shares some old pictures of the dog. When Grace brought her home, she only weighed 2 pounds. Now, she weighs 7.

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