Local Connection: Kealoha Accusations

The biggest surprise in Last week's indictment of former Honolulu police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife Katherine was that it was even more disturbing than the allegations we'd heard before.

If the accusations are true, it means that two of the highest ranking law enforcement officials in the city were financially victimizing their own family members and local financial institutions. Federal prosecutors said the motivation was simply greed.

The Indictment says the mailbox theft and other efforts to discredit Katherine Kealoha's uncle weren't just a personal vendetta, but part of a long pattern of trying to destroy anyone that threatened their lavish lifestyle and expose the web of financial fraud.

And on top of that, they are charged with abusing their power in BOTH the police department and the prosecutors' office for their personal gain.

Of course these are just allegations, which the government must prove at trial.

But as Hawaii News Now has been reporting all through these three years of investigations, there were many indications of suspicious behavior that were ignored, even after it was clear indictments were likely.

Even without convictions – that is shameful.

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