Boat sunk in bad weather was illegally parked at Ala Wai harbor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On a Tuesday afternoon filled with sunshine in Honolulu, a reminder of the severe weather that stormed across Oahu less than 24 hours prior sat submerged at one of the slips inside the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor.

Authorities with the state land department say a 36-foot motor boat called "Poppy" sank sometime Monday night during a bout of thunderstorms and strong winds. Friends of the boat's owner say he was inside when it started sinking, crawling out only just in time.

"The poor thing, I felt bad for him," said Michael Riollano, a friend of the boat's owner. "He was throwing diapers in the water, absorbents, and I see everything floating here. It's unfortunate, but weather like that, it's gonna happen."

The vessel, authorities say, had been moored at the harbor illegally. The DLNR's boating division says it is continuing to monitor the situation, but confirms the vessel has already spilled fuel into the harbor.

Friends say the owner has insurance on the 45-year-old boat, and that he's working with the Coast Guard to raise it.

"He was wet. He was wet. He was with the Coast Guard, they were here right away and taking care of him and they got the boom down and they were on it," said Monica Parker, who owns a boat at the harbor. "There were quite a few of them."

After he raises the vessel and removes the fuel, the DLNR says he'll have to remove the boat before facing fines.

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